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Rim Intelligence to launch publishing expected JCC Mar 6 [Mar 6, 2018]

Report on adherence to PRA principles[Feb 7, 2018]

Apology for system troubles on our website[Dec 1, 2017]

Change of sender address for email report delivery[Dec 1, 2017]

Capital and business tie-up with QUICK Corporation

Design change for the Rim Intelligence daily Report

Due to a server problem on Apr 26 (Tue), access to our homepage was temporarily disrupted

Rim Intelligence “DES Japan Futures” listed on NYMEX

Guidelines on Subscriber Inquiries updated

Notice of compliance with PRA Principles

Rim launches of "Sourth Asia Gas Weekly" report

Rim Intelligence signs license agreement with CME Group

We published the PRA principles the assurance report

Important notice for accessing Rim web site(for subscribers using Windows XP)

The RIM web site has been redesigned

Video libraries have been renewed