China unveils energy development report in 2018

2019/05/10 12:00

China’s Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute said in its report about China’s energy development in 2018 that the country’s overall energy consumption in 2018 posted the highest growth rate for the first time in five years. The country’s power consumption also renewed a record high for the first time in seven years.

Of these, the country’s total consumption for general coal totaled 4.64 bil tons in 2019. Non-fossil fuel consumption accounted for 14.3% of the total primary energy consumption in China. The country aimed to reach a proportion of 15% by 2020. Natural gas consumption continued to post high growth, with the increase being the world’s largest.

As for China’s energy consumption in 2019, total consumption is set to grow slightly while the ratio of renewable energy would continue to increase. Transportation and construction sectors would be key driving forces for the energy consumption. The power consumption growth rate would be at around 5.8% on year while the total demand for coal in the country is expected to be 3.95 bil tons. The growth rates for these would be similar to those in 2019. China’s oil consumption is expected to increase by 1.6% from the previous year to about 620 mil tons. Of these, gasoline demand would grow 4.6% from the previous year in line with a steady increase in the number of owned vehicles. Meanwhile, gasoil consumption is expected to fall by 0.4% from the previous day due to lower growth rates for investments in infrastructures. Jet fuel consumption is forecast to grow 8.7% from the previous year on the back of rising passenger transportation while the country’s natural gas demand growth would slow to 10.4% to about 31.00 mil cubic meters.

Regarding China’s energy consumption structure, non-fossil energy and natural gas would drive the overall growth and the ratios against primary energy would continue to increase. Meanwhile, the ratio of oil would be unchanged while that for coal would fall marginally. 


















 :   Guan Hong 
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