RIM Historical Data


RIM Intelligence Co. keeps price data carried in each of its reports on Crude Oil, Refined Products, Bunker, LPG, Lorry Rack, LNG, Petrochemicals, Power as historical data, daily and monthly. To ask for the data, contact us via e-mail (info@rim-intelligence.co.jp) after checking each of the items below. As for RIM's historical data, only subscribers of RIM reports can make an order.


1) Select type and commodity of the data you wish to access.

2) Designate a period you would like to span.

3) Designate a period you would need. (Please designate a period in which estimated prices would be above $30. For example, on a daily basis, select at least 30 days for one item, and on a monthly basis, select at least a three-month period for one item).




Crude Oil

Crude Oil

Refined Products

Refined Products





Lorry Rack

Lorry Rack



Getting access to our historical data is a charged service. The prices for data spanning the past three years are as follows (New price from Jun 2014 onward). As to the prices for data that go further back, contact us. After clicking each of above items, you can calculate the estimated price on a browser. (Note: For daily data, the estimated price is calculated from the number of business days. Please contact us, then RIM will calculate detailed estimated prices).


(1) Crude Oil, Refined Products, Bunker, LPG, LNG, Petrochemicals, Power

     Daily data: US$1.50 per item/day

     Monthly data: US$15.00 per item/month

(2) Lorry Rack

Per five grades and one receiving site

     Daily data: US$1.50/day

     Monthly data: US$15.00/month


Per five grades and five-all receiving sites

     Daily data: US$7.50/day

     Monthly data: US$75.00/month




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