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China’s “policy of customs implementation in 2017”

2017/10/13 12:00

Chinese government has applied the “policy of customs implementation in 2017” since Jan 1, 2017. The most favored nations (MFN) rates, agreement rates, favorable tax rates and ordinary tax rates are decided as follows.


1. MFN rates
   a. Tax cut was implemented for information technology products since Sep 15, 2016 for the first time. The tax cut was continued from Jan 1, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017. A further tax cut has been implemented since Jul 1, 2017 to cover as many as 280 items.
   b. A provisional tax rate has been applied for 822 items since Jan 1, 2017. The number of items subject to the tax rate declined to 805 after Jul 1. 
2. China has agreements on free trade and favorable deals with 25 countries and 15 regions. The agreement tax rates continued to be applied in 2017. China has signed tax cut agreements with 10 other countries and regions. 
3. China is applying favorable tax rates to 40 developing countries having diplomatic relations with China and did not change the tax rates and the subject items. In 2017, export taxes are applied to 213 items, mainly high energy consumption, high pollution and resources items. Among these items, 50 items are exempted from taxation. China removed the tax for 40 items including nitrogen fertilizers and reduced the tax for 27 items. China levies taxes for 8,547 items in 2017, up 253, after adjustment by the General Administration of Customs.

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