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Fifth LNG tank construction planned in Singapore

2018/11/16 12:00

A fifth liquefied natural gas (LNG) tank may be constructed in Singapore. Singapore LNG (SLNG), operator of the LNG terminal in Singapore, mentioned this at the Gas Asia Summit or GAS, organized by DMG held on Oct 31. It is expected that LNG export from Australia and the US will increase and LNG import to countries such as India and China are firm. Demand for storage facilities is anticipated to rise along with LNG trading. SLNG will collect expression of interest (EOI) for the project in order to determine whether the plan will be implemented as early as within the year. In Singapore, the fourth tank has been completed this year and tank capacity is increased by 260,000 cubic meters to 800,000 cubic meters. After starting operation of the fourth tank, 160,000 cubic meters of the tank capacity is rented to Trafigura. SLNG mentioned that the LNG reload in Singapore became the third largest in the world.

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