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Malaysia introduces “B10” biodiesel next February

2018/12/21 12:00


The Malaysian government has decided to introduce biodiesel "B10", which contains 10 methyl ester refined from palm oil, as land transportation fuel from February 2019. B10 is made by mixing 10% methyl ester and 90% gasoil. At present, biodiesel B7, made up of 7% methyl ester mixed with 70% gasoil, is being used.


At first, the government tried to introduce "B10" in 2016 but postponed it due to test data shortage and an increase in palm oil prices. This year, palm oil prices were less expensive compared to oil prices and a policy review was conducted after the change of government. This led to the introduction of “B10” as a step forward. Malaysia is the second largest producer of palm oil in the world.



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