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RAPID project begins trial run

2019/01/18 12:00

 A large-scale oil refining and petrochemical complex project (RAPID project) in Johor in southern Malaysia began to inject crude into the crude distillation unit (300,000b/d) in early January. The RAPID project plans to start commercial production as early as March this year. The next batch of crude oil has already arrived. Similar to the first batch, the crude oil seemed to be from Saudi Arabia. The RAPID project is a huge project with construction cost totaling $27 bil and the operator is a joint venture company (JV) of Petronas, a state-owned oil and gas company in Malaysia, and Aramco, a state-owned oil company in Saudi Arabia. Petronas and Aramco plan to operate the project with equal interests through the JV. Aramco supplies up to 70% of crude oil requirements to RAPID. The project produces fuels (gasoline, gasoil) corresponding to Euro 5 standards and naphtha and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) used as petrochemical raw materials. These products are expected to be equally distributed to Petronas and Aramco.

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