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Malaysia to implement “B10” biodiesel in February

2019/02/01 12:00


 The Malaysia government announced at the end of last year that it would implement biodiesel “B10”, containing 10% of methyl ester obtained from refining palm oil, as fuel for land transportation from February 2019. “B10” is developed by mixing 10% of methyl ester and 90% of gas oil. At this moment, “B7”, containing 7% of methyl ester and 70% of gas oil, is being used in Malaysia. The government tried to implement “B10” in 2016, but the plan was postponed due to insufficient test data and a surge in palm oil prices. This year, implementation of “B10” progressed as a sense of overvalue for palm oil prices compared with crude oil eased, and as a change in government led to a review of policies. Malaysia is the world’s second largest producer of palm oil.


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