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CCBC Bunker Oil Center in Zhoushan

2019/04/05 12:00

On Mar 19, China ChangJiang Bunker Co, Ltd (CCBC) established a bunker fuel oil center in Zhoushan. After Sinopec in June last year, this is the second company to set up bunker fuel oil operations in Zhoushan.

CCBC is one of the five licensed national enterprises that can supply bunker oil to international ships, and is also the main supplier of marine fuels in the Yangtze River Basin. CCBC's aims are to develop the overseas market, and to increase the volume of its fuel oil business to 1 mil mt in three years.

   In 2018, Zhoushan supplied 3.593 mil mt of bunker fuel oil, an increase of 96.5% over the previous year. This accounted for nearly one-third of the total bunker fuel oil supply of 11.8 million tons, making Zhoushan the largest oil supply port in China and among the top 10 oil supply ports in the world for the first time.


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