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Renewable energy a major focus of Indian government by 2022

2019/06/21 12:00

By Kamlesh Trivedi


The Indian government has set an ambitious goal of having 175GW of renewable power generation capacity by 2022. Out of the total of 175GW target set for 2022, the government plans to achieve a total of 100GW through solar power and 60GW through wind energy. According to the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India has achieved 80GW of renewable power generation capacity as of May 31, 2019. This includes 36,089MW wind power, 27,443MW of ground mounted solar power capacity and rest of the power generating capacity divided among solar roof top, biomass, small hydropower etc. Indian government plans to add 15.8GW of renewable power in 2019. Last week, the Indian minister for renewable energy at the G20 Ministerial Meeting in Nagano prefecture, Japan on Energy Transition and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth, had stated that India would achieve 40% of renewable energy in its overall energy mix by 2030. The Indian government’s focus on renewable energy also raises a question about increasing the use of natural gas or LNG in power generation and in auto CNG stations. Along with renewable energy, the Indian government has also encouraged the use of natural gas and LNG in automobiles as well as in power generation. Infrastructure like roadside LNG and CNG dispensing stations are being set up across the country to encourage its usage. A new policy document, being prepared by the government also encourages the use of electrical vehicles in India in another 10 years’ time. Some experts believe a coherent policy, covering all aspects of green energy including natural gas, wind, solar and hydro would help in the long run.















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