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China leads global PE capacity growth in next five years

2019/07/12 12:00

Production capacity for polyethylene (PE) is expected to grow to 157 mil mt/year by 2023 across the globe. The figure is up 43% from the existing capacity of 110 mil mt/year in 2018.


According to industry sources, a combined 159 PE plants are under planning or construction in the world. A majority of these PE plants underway are located in Asia and the Middle East. In Asia, PE capacity is forecast to reach 57.10 mil mt/year by 2023, up 43.2% from the existing capacity of 39.87 mil mt in 2018. China expects the country’s PE capacity to expand to 7.56 mil mt/year by 2023. The planned construction for new PE facilities is aimed at meeting continued growth in PE demand in China. In the upcoming five years, the rise in China’s PE capacity is likely to account for more than 40% of the increase in overall Asian PE capacity.


North America will be next to China in terms of the growth rate of PE capacity. In North America, PE capacity is forecast to grow to 33.82 mil mt/year by 2023, up 46.1% from the existing capacity of 23.15 mil mt in 2018. Of the expanded capacity in 2023, US is believed to account for 9.35 mil mt/year or so.


In Middle East, meanwhile, PE capacity is expected to reach 28.52 mil mt/year by 2023, up from the existing capacity of 20.80 mil mt in 2018. Makers in the US and Middle East are boosting PE capacity in a bid to process surplus ethane amid limited demand that is curbed by abundant shale gas supply.





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