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China Guandong Dapeng LNG terminal achieves unloading of 1,000 vessels

2019/07/26 12:00

China’s Guandong Dapeng LNG terminal under the umbrella of China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) completed unloading operations of Australia’s LNG vessel on Jul 19. The terminal received the 1,000th vessel for the first time as an import terminal in China.

The terminal commenced operations in 2006 and received a total of 67.00 mil mt of LNG from 20 countries across the globe. The imports via the terminal accounted for 40% of CNOOC’s total imports and also were 27% of the China’s total imports.

A total of 21 LNG receiving terminals were operating in China as of the end of 2018, with a combined capacity of 90.00 mil mt/year. China’s LNG imports in 2018 accounted for 60% of the total imports of natural gas.











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