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China natural gas consumption set to grow until 2050

2019/09/06 12:00

China’s natural gas consumption was expected to grow until 2015, according to a report compiled by the National Energy Management Administration, the natural resource management research institute and the strategic research center of oil and gas. The report said that China’s natural gas consumption was expected to reach about 310 billion cubic meters in 2019.

China’s consumption of natural gas has increased rapidly in recent years. The country’s natural gas consumption in 2019 is expected to reach 310 billion cubic meters. Consumption in 2018 totaled 280.3 billion cubic meters, up 17.5% from the previous year. The daily peak gas consumption exceeded 1.0 billion cubic meters and an increasing number of regions saw their natural gas consumption surpassing 10.0 billion cubic meters.

The natural gas industry in China has developed strategically. Internationally, natural gas consumption accounts for 23% of the total energy consumption across the globe. In China, restructuring of the oil and gas system has been accelerating and China’s energy demand has grown sustainably on the back of steady economic growth. The government aims to boost usage of natural gas and to promote upgrading of the energy structure in a bid to establish a clean and safe energy system. 

















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