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Capital and business tie-up with QUICK Corporation

2016/11/29 20:19

  Rim Intelligence Co is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement on Nov 29 with QUICK Corporation on a capital and business tie-up.


Hisako Mori


Rim Intelligence Co.

Nov 29, 2016

Capital and business tie-up with QUICK Corporation

QUICK Corporation

Rim Intelligence Co.

  QUICK Corporation (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Noboru Yoshioka, indicated as “QUICK” below) and energy market information provider Rim Intelligence Co. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hisako Mori, indicated as “RIM” below) signed an agreement on Nov 29 on a capital and business tie-up.


  QUICK acquires a 33.5% stake in RIM shares. The two companies will develop new products and services that encompass information on energy such as oil products and market information focused on finances and securities.


  RIM, as a price reporting agency based in Japan, issues various indexes daily including the “RIM price”, which is well known as a reference price used in trading of oil products in the Japanese domestic market. The company has a solid customer base both within Japan and in all parts of the world. Using market data accumulated since RIM’s inauguration more than 30 years ago, QUICK and RIM will establish a new data base and develop analytical tools by incorporating financial information. Energy-related news and contents will also be expanded and provided on QUICK terminals and RIM’s website. Further, the two companies are also considering the potential of financial market trading and plan to develop a new index for this purpose.


  With the liberalization of power and gas in Japan and the expansion of renewable energy, the importance of the energy market is expected to increase going forward. With this tie-up QUICK and RIM will work to meet the needs of business and financial institutions both within Japan and in all parts of the world.

Comments from Noboru Yoshioka, President of QUICK Corporation:

  “I am happy to have a capital and business tie-up with Rim Intelligence Co, which is highly regarded for its information on energy markets and price indexes. By incorporating the wealth of information from Rim, we hope to enhance our independent knowledge add more value to the services we provide to our customers. With this tie-up, we also plan to develop new indexes and services that cater not only to the financial industry but to businesses in general.”

Comments from Hisako Mori, President of Rim Intelligence Co:

  “We believe that this tie-up signifies a coupling of financial and energy information and can lead to the creation of economic indexes that are effective and reliable. We aim to develop services that contribute to the revitalization of the economy. We have accumulated more than 30 years’ of market information and data, and believe that the market information we provide in the future will be even more transparent and objective.”

Regarding QUICK Corporation

  QUICK Corporation is a financial information service provider based in Japan. Established in 1971, it is under the Nikkei Group and provides information that is impartial and reliable. It distributes real-time global securities and financial information as well as political news and economic information. It provides comprehensive solutions to the securities and financial market with supporting services for asset management, order routing and execution, and construction and maintenance of information network.



For inquiries, contact:

Yokota/Kamatani, Biz service (Rim project team), Tel: +81-3-6733-9003

Regarding Rim Intelligence Co.

  Rim Intelligence Co. was established in 1984 to provide oil market information on areas in the Pacific Rim. From a fair and neutral perspective, the company checks trading prices in energy markets including crude, oil products, LNG, LPG, petrochemicals and power, and conducts price assessment on these markets. Although it is the only company in Japan that provides such a service, it has gained the trust and recognition of businesses not just within Japan but also throughout the world. With its network of branch offices in China, Singapore and India, it provides high quality services from Asia.



For inquiries, contact:

Honma/Uemura, QUICK project team, Tel: +81-3-3552-2411

Tokyo : Honma/Uemura, QUICK project team  +81-3-3552-2411
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