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RECX-22 slips back, led by sharp fall of domestic index: week to Mar 2

2018/03/05 07:00

 The Rim Energy Composite Index-22 (RECX-22) average for the week to Mar 2 was at 105.81, down 1.36 points from the week to Feb 23.


The overall domestic index dropped down by 6.04 points to 101.63, reflecting sharp falls of oil products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Propane and butane plunged by 10.23 points and 9.72 points, respectively on weak buying interest ahead of an off-demand season and easing supply worries. A fall in both propane and butane pushed down the domestic index. A fuel oil tumbled by 4.20 points on easing domestic demand while low sulfur A fuel oil (LSA) dipped by 3.98 points. On the other hand, kerosene fell by only 0.72 points on thin spot availability, caused by a series of troubles at refineries in Japan.


The overall import index rose by 0.95 points to 101.66. Jet fuel oil was up by 4.25 points on firm buying interest due to a series of troubles at the refinery. However, liquefied natural gas (LNG) lost by 1.97 points as power utilities postponed procurements ahead of an off-demand season.


The overall export index extended gains by 1.01 points to 114.14. Jet fuel oil climbed by 4.68 points on firm buying, which sent the export index higher. Nonetheless, benzene inched lower by 0.65 points.


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