Asia Products (Japanese)

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About "Asia Products (Japanese)" report

[Daily] Asia Products (Japanese)

The report carries daily price movements of oil products in Northeast Asia, mainly South Korea, Taiwan, and China, and in other areas such as Singapore and the Middle East, as well as supply/demand conditions. Moreover, we analyze the impact on Asia of exports to Europe and the US and carry in the report both CFR Japan-based import prices and FOB Japan-based export prices for oil products as well as their supply/demand conditions.

Subscribers' comments: "That's why we are reading the report!"

  • ・We can understand the whole market situation through various kinds of data/statistics in the report.
  • ・Refineries conditions in Northeast Asia and cargo movements of oil products are valuable information for market players. Rim’s price assessments really reflect actual market prices, and we highly evaluated the report.

Subscribers' comments: "That's how we use the report!"

  • ・A state-owned oil company: Premiums for cargoes from Japan that Rim assesses are one of the benchmarks in the market, and we take advantage of the assessments when we sell cargoes to buyers.
  • ・A Japanese dealer: We can calculate import costs of oil products by Japanese trading houses or refiners by checking the report, so that we take advantage of the assessments to negotiate with our customers.

Main contents

  • Assessments and comments of FOB South Korea, Taiwan and the Middle East-based oil products including gasoline, naphtha, jet fuel, gasoil and fuel oil
  • Freight rates for SR-size, MR-size, and LR-size cargoes
  • Assessments of crack spreads in Singapore
  • Assessments of CFR China-based gasoline, gasoil and fuel oil
  • Assessments and comments on LSWR from Indonesia
  • Assessments of CFR Japan-based MR-size cargoes
  • Assessments and comments of FOB Japan-based products
  • Assessments and comments of bunker fuel (380cst high sulfur fuel oil, VLSFO, and LSMDO/LSMGO) at main ports in Asia
  • Refinery operations in South Korea, Taiwan Singapore China, and Japan
  • Market news of refineries in Asia such as regular maintenance or troubles
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