Lorry Rack (Japanese)

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About "Lorry Rack (Japanese)" report

[Daily] Lorry Rack (Japanese)

This daily report covers prices of products from refineries and oil terminals (secondary terminals) in Japan lifted by trucks. The lorry rack prices are widely known to be used by refiners as a reference for determining their term supply prices. Prices published are for gasoline, kerosene, gasoil, A fuel oil and LSA fuel oil. The report covers prices in 12 areas including Hokkaido, Sendai-Shiogama, Chiba, Tokyo-Saitama, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Chukyo, Hanshin, Shikoku and Fukuoka.

Subscribers' comments: "That's why we are reading the report!"

  • ・I can grasp the market in Tokyo, Chukyo and Hanshin and also the trading situation for products from refineries and oil terminals.
  • ・The report is a valuable resource for determining movements of term supply prices from refiners, spot prices and market directions going forward.
  • ・Only the Lorry Rack Report covers the market from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
  • ・There are many articles on industry trends and government policies. No reports from other publication companies provide such detailed information on the government subsidy system.

Subscribers' comments: "That's how we use the report!"

  • ・Affiliated distributor of refiner: By grasping the movements of refiners and other companies as well as the situation in other areas, I can prepare for the next trading opportunity.
  • ・Independent retailer: I use Rim prices as a reference in negotiations with trading houses and dealers when procuring fuels.
  • ・Independent retailer: As the report covers the whole of Japan, I can get valuable information to support discussions.
  • ・Major retailer: I use Rim prices as a reference for spot trade to determine if my selling price is too high or too low.
  • ・Trading house: I check Rim prices to determine if it makes sense to import products such as gasoline and gasoil to sell in the domestic market.
  • ・End-user: I use Rim prices as a reference in price negotiations in tenders. I find the report useful as it covers tenders throughout Japan.

Main contents

  • Price assessments in main markets throughout Japan
  • Change in weekly term supply prices of refiners
  • News and supply/demand relations among different areas
  • Analysis of market movements from the wholesale to the retail market
  • Information on tenders by government and municipal offices
  • General tenders for fuels by industrial users
  • Press releases related to the oil market and statistics from various agencies
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