Clean Energy (Japanese)

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About "Clean Energy (Weekly) (Japanese)" report

[Weekly] Clean Energy (Weekly) (Japanese)

The report covers price assessments of ammonia, hydrogen, an energy source containing no carbon, urea, which is used to purify diesel car exhaust. Further, a wide range of topics including J-credit and emission trading in Europe.

As interest in low carbon energy increases, cleaner fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen are in the spotlight. The Clean Energy Report includes the latest information within Japan and overseas.

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  • Ammonia used as a fertilizer is being considered for use as a fuel for power generation. We can have a look at market movements not only in Japan but also overseas.
  • The coverage of the overseas market for ammonia is especially detailed in China.
  • There is a wealth of information on companies within Japan and overseas involved in hydrogen-related projects.
  • Information of freight rates for ammonia and the propane market in relation to hydrogen is also included, making the report very useful.
  • As a company, we find information relating to environmental values useful since the move towards decarbonization is accelerating globally.

Main contents

  • Low carbon energy
    • Ammonia
    • Hydrogen
  • Environmental value trading
    • J-credit, trade on Tokyo Stock Exchange (from October 2023)
    • J-credit, over-the-counter trade
    • Non-fossil certificate trading
    • Credit bond
  • Economic and financial information related to decarbonization
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