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About "Energy Press (Quarterly) (Japanese)" report

Energy Press (Quarterly) (Japanese)

"Energy Press" is the only quarterly journal that Rim publishes. We distribute the journal to our subscribers every quarter that focuses on the latest domestic and international energy movements in a structured way. It includes price movements of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal and various kinds of the trade statistics on energy complied by the Japanese government. In addition, we pick up a wide range of topics on energy such as electricity and gas businesses as the retail liberalization has been ongoing in the fields in Japan. Also, the recent situations of renewable energy and Japan’s domestic energy topics are available here. Based on price information that Rim has accumulated for the past 40 years, Rim reporters simply explain the current energy situation in detail including the movements toward the decarbonizing society. Through our daily reports, we offer our subscribers "micro information", while we give "macro information" that contribute our subscribers to overview the current of energy industries.

Main contents

  • Market summery
    1.Crude Oil 2.LNG 3.LPG 4.Gasoline 5-1.Domestic Waterborne Market 5-2.Domestic Truck Market 6.Power 7.Coal
  • Energy Outlook
  • Refineries operation rates in Asia
  • Trade Statistics in Japan
    1.Crude Oil 2.LNG 3.LPG 4.Gasoline 5.Gasoil 6.Coal
  • Japan Domestic Energy businesses
    1.Oil 2.Gas 3.Power
  • Feature Topics
  • News Archives
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