Japan Products (Japanese)

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About "Japan Products (Japanese)" report

[Daily] Japan Products (Japanese)

This daily report covers petroleum products prices and supply/demand in the Japanese domestic market. It features price assessment of the barge markets for petroleum products ranging from gasoline to fuel oil in the Keihin/Chiba area and the Hanshin/Setouchi area. Lt also includes bunker oil price assessments in markets in Singapore, Japan, and Korea as well as price assessments of various petroleum products on a CFR Japan and FOB Japan basis as of evening time in Japan. The ”RIM Price” is highly regarded as an index used in trades among oil companies in Japan.

Main contents

  • Price assessment of Japan products paper swap
  • Details on buying activities by refiners
  • Price assessment of CFR Japan market for MR size cargoes
  • Price assessment of FOB Japan market
  • PriceassessmentandcommentaryonbunkeroilmarketsinJapan,Korea,Singapore
  • Details on Japan Oil Exchange(JOX)
  • Details on Tokyo Commodities Exchange(TOCOM)
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