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About "Power (English)" report

[Daily] Power (English)

Rim Power report provides price trends in the spot market highlighted as new power supply sources, at a time when the fully-liberalized retail market motivates more enterprises to engage themselves in power business. We publish our own assessments of forward prices as well as forward curves calculated by industry sources based on their own methodology. We also elaborate on trades in the futures markets operated by TOCOM and EEX that are gaining popularity as a price hedging tool. In addition, we update the operational status of thermal power stations in Japan for the upcoming three days. The report also covers spark/dark spreads as well as power tender issuances and outcomes by government offices and local authorities. We also publish power reserve rates that is a key factor to determine the imbalance fee.

Subscribers' comments: "That's why we are reading the report!"

  • ・Leading power producer: We read Market Commentary and it’s a good guidance to know how retail players view the current market.
  • ・Medium-size PPS: The graph on JEPX bids/offers/trade volumes helps us grasp the co-relation at a glance, so it is a must for us every day.
  • ・Renewable Energy PPS: The report elaborates on fuel market trends including LNG and coal, and the information is quite useful.

Subscribers' comments: "That's how we use the report!"

  • ・Leading trading house: We make daily internal reports based on Market Commentary.
  • ・Leading PPS: We reevaluate our positions at market price based on Rim’s forward prices.
  • ・Large PPS: We refer to comments from retail players published in Market Commentary, and decide how we should take positions.

Main contents

  • Rim Index Prices: Day-Ahead and Forward Prices
  • JEPX: Price trends for Spot and Forward markets, Updates on bid/offer situation in auction, Price divergence by region
  • Power futures markets: Settlement prices and trade details on TOCOM and EEX
  • Fuel trends: Elaborate daily price movements on crude oil, LNG, coal
  • Updates on thermal power stations: Tables showing operational status of thermal units
  • Power tenders: Issuances and award details on power buy/sell tenders
  • Spark/Dark Spreads: Publish the price gap between daily power prices and generation costs calculated from fuel prices
  • Power reserve rates and utilization rates: Use tables to show daily reserve rates and utilization rates by area as a key factor to estimate the imbalance fee
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