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About "Biomass (Weekly) (English)" report

[Weekly] Biomass (Weekly) (English)

This weekly report covers prices and supply/demand situation of biomass fuels for power plants, such as wood pellets, PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) and Japanese domestic wood chips.
The wood pellets market covers cargoes from Vietnam, a major export country in Southeast Asia, to Japan, South Korea, from North America (US/Canada) to Japan, and arriving in Japan.
For PKS, the report includes prices and detailed supply/demand trends for cargoes from Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as cargoes delivered in Japan.
The report also covers freight market both for wood pellets and PKS transportation for delivery in Japan.
The Japanese domestic wood chips market covers prices for unused materials, general woods and raw woods that have been certified with the Feed-in Tariff system in Japan. It also consolidates information on biomass-fired power plants in the country.
The report also contains various kinds of information such as import statistics of biomass fuels in Japan, export statistics of production countries including Indonesia, news on palm oil industries, and the certifications by the third party that are a key to the growth of sustainable biomass fuels market.

The report publishes every Thursday.

Subscribers' comments: "That's why we are reading the report!"

  • ・Able to confirm and compare spot prices for various kinds of biomass fuels
  • ・Valuable news source that we can grasp detailed supply/demand situation in production countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia
  • ・Taking advantage of a lot of trade statistics not only in Japan but also in production countries

Subscribers' comments: "That's how we use the report!"

  • ・Trading house: We are checking spot prices in the report and are taking advantage of them when joining tenders.
  • ・Power company: We are focusing on the start-up of new power plants. The report is also useful for us to grasp the latest supply/demand fundamentals or prices of biomass fuels that are not handling.
  • ・Shipping company: We are using the report to anticipate the outlook of shipping market going forward by checking information of supply/demand situations of biomass fuels.

Main contents

  • Price assessment and commentary on the FOB Southeast Asia market for wood pellets and PKS
  • Price assessment and commentary on the FOB North America market for wood pellets
  • Price assessment and commentary on the CFR Japan market for wood pellets and PKS
  • Price assessment and commentary on the freight market for wood pellets and PKS transportation
  • Tender information by South Korean and Japanese consumers
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