Management Strategy / Management Principle

Management Principle
To ensure transparency for energy trade and to provide fair market prices.
Management Strategy
  1. 1. Our reporters conduct extensive market survey in order to obtain accurate and quality information in detail.
  2. 2. Our reporters carry out price assessments based on the information they have obtained in a fair and neutral manner.
  3. 3. Our reporters elucidate the background behind their price assessments.
  4. 4. This information is swiftly transmitted to our subscribers.
  5. 5. We restrictly protect the anonymity of our information sources.
  6. 6. Information obtained, such as personal information, will not be used in ways other than for regular business.
リム情報開発株式会社 代表取締役 盛 尚子


These are times when governments and private corporations are taking steps to revamp the energy industry to keep pace with environmental changes. Since its inauguration in 1984, Rim Intelligence has been providing market and price information mainly on the oil market. Along with the changing times, however, we realized that it was necessary to publish reports other than on the oil market. Before supply increased due to the shale revolution, we started publishing the LNG report. We also re-issued the power report in 2013 before the power retail market was liberalized in Japan. With tighter regulations on sulfur contents and moves to reduce greenhouse gases, we issued "cross view" reports on petroleum products and also published a seasonal energy report, "Energy Press". As the use of renewable energy is expected to increase in the future, we consider providing price information on non-fossil fuel markets.

Rim has been providing information on energy markets to the world for more than 30 years. We see this as our responsibility and our mission, and will persist with our effort tirelessly.

We will continue to move forward with the energy market in the future. Thank you for your support.

Hisako Mori,President,Rim Intelligence Co.

Company Profile

Company Name Rim Intelligence Co.
Inaugurated 1984
President Hisako Mori
Board of Director Naruhito Yanagi / Lim Cheeseng / Yoshiya Futakawa / Miho Inoue
Capital 10 million yen
Business contents Rim provides latest news information to energy firms across the globe, including majors as well as oil producers in Asia and the Middle East. Rim offers "Rim prices" accurately and timely, through precise reporting.
Main banks MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The number of employees About 40 as of Jul 2019


Feb 1984 Inaugurated; Started Bunker Oil, Crude and Products reports
1987 Established Singapore branch office
1997 Started Lorry Rack report
2001 Established Beijing branch office
Started LPG report
2007 Started Petrochemical and LNG reports
2010 Published LNG Annual
2011 Registered "Rim prices" as trademark
2012 Established Rim Energy Media (REM), a joint venture company with Korea's Energy Media
2013 Started Korean domestic products market report (REM) Established Shanghai branch office
Restarted power report
2014 30th Anniversary video
Dec 2016 Capital and business tie-up with QUICK

Organization Structure

Organization Structure


Tokyo Head Office

3F, Yaesudorihata-Bldg, 1-9-8, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032 Japan

Phone: +81-3-3552-2411

Fax: +81-3-3552-2415


Rim Intelligence Co. Singapore Branch

Blk 507C Wellington Circle #07-106 Singapore 753507

Phone: +65-6912-7359, +65-9834-2196


Rim Asia-Pacific Energy Intelligence (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Bid of Kelaowo No.23,East St. of Huixin D-Chao Yang, Beijing 100029 China

Phone: +86-10-6498-0455

Fax: +86-10-6428-1725



Rim Commercial Intelligence (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

2-511 Jiuting U Tiandi Building, 178 Puhui Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201600 P.R China

Phone: +86-21-6760-6330/6331



Nearest station:
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Hatchobori statsion, 2 mins' walk from Exit A5 along Yaesudori