Please make sure to read the following items before subscribing to Rim.

Definitions and Interpretations

The following definitions apply throughout the Rim Publications Subscription Agreement ("Agreement"):

Subscribermeans details under Subscriber on subscription application form.

Usermeans individuals who are written on the subscription application form. Number of Users with regard to each copy of Rim Publications shall be no more than 2 persons in the same division/section (excluding the same division/section located in a different location).

Rimmeans Rim Intelligence Co. located at 3F, Yaesudorihata-Bldg, 1-9-8, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ZIP 104-0032 Japan.

Rim Publicationsmeans any of Rim daily reports, Rim daily data, Other Rim data services, Rim Research Services and Rim Market News (Asia Energy Links).

Subscription period and payment

・Subscription Period

Subscriber can select a subscription period of three months, six months or one year.
Unless Subscriber informs Rim of its intention to terminate the subscription, the subscription period shall be automatically extended for another year or another similar period as initially specified. If Subscriber wishes to terminate the subscription, it shall so notify Rim at least one month in advance of the expiry date of the subscription period.

・Invoicing and Payment

  1. (1) The payment of the subscription fee for total amount of the specified subscription period shall be made no later than the due date designated by Rim.
  2. (2) Subscriber shall pay the subscription fee by telegraphic transfer to the bank account designated by Rim. The bank charges incurred for the payment of subscription fee shall be borne by Subscriber.
  3. (3) No taxes shall be deducted from the amount due in the invoice.
  4. (4) In the event that the payment is not made by Subscriber by the due date, Rim may terminate the Agreement or suspend issuance of Rim Publications to the Subscriber/User.
  5. (5) The Agreement shall not be terminated before the end of the subscription period. Provided, however, that if Subscriber does not request refund for any subscription fee already paid by Subscriber, Subscriber may terminate the Agreement during the subscription period. There shall be no refund of the subscription fee, either all or a portion of it under any circumstances.

・Restriction on Subscriber

  1. (1) Number of Users with regard to each copy of Rim Publications shall be no more than 2 persons as indicated in the Rim Publications Application Form. User shall not let any other individuals read Rim Publications.
  2. (2) In the case where number of Users exceeds 2 persons, Subscriber shall enter into another Rim Publications Subscription Agreement.
  3. (3) The 2 Users indicated in the Rim Publications Application form have to be in the same division/section and in the same geographic location. In the case where a person in another division/section (including a same division/section located in a different location) is to become User, Subscriber shall enter into another Rim Publications Subscription Agreement.
  4. (4) Rim may provide User an ID and Password to access Rim Publications on the website. Subscriber/User shall not let any other individuals utilize the ID and Password.

The followings are strictly prohibited

・Copying and transmitting

  1. (1) Subscriber/User acknowledges that any copyrights of Rim Publications is owned by Rim.
  2. (2) Subscriber/User shall not make copies of all or any part of Rim Publications, and shall not distribute, assign, transfer, lend, reproduce, reprint, or transmit all or any part of Rim Publications to any other individuals or third party without prior consent from Rim.
  3. (3) Subscriber/User shall not post or extract all or any part of Rim Publications on any publication, electronic data, website or e-mail without prior consent of Rim.
  4. (4) Even after consent of Rim is obtained, Subscriber/User shall specify the name of Rim as the copyright owner on such publication or website.
  5. (5) If Subscriber/User infringes the Agreement or Copyright Act, Subscriber/User shall pay Rim for penalty charges equivalent of 3-year amount of subscription fee regardless whether Rim suffers any actual damages. Further, should Rim suffer actual damages and such damages exceed the penalty charges, Subscriber/User shall pay the amount exceeding the penalty charges.


Subscriber/User shall not resell, assign or transfer Rim Publications to any other individuals, person in other division/section or branches of Subscriber/User.

Rejection of Antisocial Forces

Rim and Subscriber may immediately terminate the Agreement, in the case where the other party, or executive, officer, agent or any other employee of the other party is found to be an antisocial organization such as a gangster organization, crime syndicate, advocacy of social movements or a criminal organization for special intelligence, to be a member of such an antisocial organization, to have capital ties or transaction with such an antisocial organization, or to have committed antisocial acts.


  1. (1) Rim bears no responsibility for any consequences arising from the Subscriber/User's use of information in Rim Publications.
  2. (2) In below cases, Rim may suspend publications including website news and reports without prior notice to Subscriber/User. Rim bears no responsibility for any loss or damage caused from the suspension of Rim Publications.
    1. (a) In the case where emergency events beyond Rim’s control or unforeseeable events such as natural disasters are to occur or likely to occur, which may cause operational problems.
    2. (b) In the case where website or computer system trouble causes Rim to decide the suspension of Rim Publications.
    3. (c) In the case where equipment troubles, maintenances or repairs with regard to Rim's computer equipments causes Rim to decide the suspension of Rim Publications.

Publication days

Rim Publications are issued daily on Rim website or by email (Market News and Special Contents are on website only) except Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese national holidays and press holiday designated by Rim. Other Rim data services are issued on days decided by Rim. Further, in the event set forth in paragraph (2) of Disclaimer clause, Rim may suspend Rim Publications.

Change in subscription fee

Subscription fee is subject to change every year. If subscription fee is to be changed, Subscriber will be notified of the details 60 days prior to the expiration date of the current subscription period.

Change in subscriber information

In the event that there is any change in particulars of Subscriber/User written on the Rim Publications Application Form, Subscriber/User shall immediately notify Rim.

Change of Agreement

In the case where a part of the Agreement is necessary to change, Rim may change the Agreement upon consultation with Subscriber.


Any matter not stipulated in the Agreement shall be settled each time upon consultation between both parties.