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About "LPG (English)" report

[Daily] LPG (English)

This daily report covers LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) prices for propane and butane, supply/demand and trading activities in detail. It covers transactions on an FOB basis in LPG producing regions such as the Middle East and the US as well as delivery prices in consuming regions in the Far East, including Japan, South Korea, and China and transaction prices in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. We also cover transactions for delivery to India, where consumption is expanding rapidly, and for delivery to China, we assess prices in East China and South China.
The report also includes tender information from Middle Eastern gas producers, importers throughout the world, and petrochemical companies such as operators of propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plants in China that use LPG as a feedstock. In addition to the international market, our report also provides information on domestic wholesale price trends and supply/demand in Japan and China. We also provide the latest trading trends on the Mont Belvieu market in the US, which affects the selling price of LPG in the Japan domestic market.
The report gives timely updates on spot freight rates for VLGCs and estimates the freight cost for Japanese importers of LPG from the Middle East (Term/Spot Combined Freight Rates). RIM’s price assessments are used as an index by gas producers and Far East importers to determine their export and import costs.

Subscribers' comments: "That's why we are reading the report!"

  • ・We trust Rim's CP forecast.
  • ・I consider it one of the few valuable sources of information about the LPG market.
  • ・I pay attention to the buying trends from PDH plants in China and from importers in India.
  • ・We check the latest VLGC freight rates and the status of Panama Canal operations.

Subscribers' comments: "That's how we use the report!"

  • ・Maker : I use Rim as the basis for calculating bid prices, spot prices, and provisional settlement prices.
  • ・Wholesaler : We use Rim's CP forecast, Term/Spot Combined Freight Rates, and Mont Belvieu market prices to estimate the next month's term price in the Japan domestic market, which we then use for spot discussions.
  • ・Trader : We use Rim's CIF price forecast when we calculate the expected price for our customers.

Main contents

  • Price assessment and commentary on the FOB Middle East, FOB USGC, CFR Far East and CFR India market
  • Price assessment and commentary on the VLGC freight market
  • Price assessment and commentary on the pressurized cargo markets in China and Southeast Asia
  • Movements in the Japanese and Chinese domestic markets
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