LNG (Japanese)

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About "LNG (Japanese)" report

[Daily] LNG (Japanese)

Current detailed information on LNG are timely delivered. LNG spot prices as well as supply/demand situations in Northeast Asia such as Japan, Middle East and Atlantic are provided. Operating situations at liquifaction and regasification plants for LNG are also reported. Morevoer, market movements for natural gas in western countries are posted as well, in addition to reports on freight rates and supply/demand situations for LNG tankers. Expected JCC (Japan Crude Cocktail), an important crude benchmark to grasp the future market movements for LNG, and major statistics are also provided.

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  • You can easily grasp the current LNG prices for delivery to Japan and you can also understand if the levels are relatively higher or lower than those in other areas.
  • Trader: It is easy for us to compare LNG prices with other fuel prices. In addition to spot prices, all prices for fuels at thermal power plants such as crude, fuel oil, LPG and coal are covered.

Subscribers' comments: "That's how we use the report!"

  • European company: We refer to Rim LNG report so that we could make a strategy for spot sales. The report enables us to know weather conditions and supply/demand situations in Northeast Asia including Japan and Korea. Further, we are also able to grasp which players have how much spot demand and their timing to buy.
  • Wholesaler: As JCC forecast is put on the report, we estimate LNG import prices based on this and provide our customers future procurement costs.

Main contents

  • Information on spot and term transactions on a DES basis in areas below:
    - Northeast Asia including Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan
    - South Asia including India and Pakistan
    - Middle East including the UK and France
    - South America including Brazil and Argentina
  • Information on spot and term transactions on an FOB basis in areas below:
    - Middle East including Qatar and Oman
    - Atlantic including the US and Nigeria
  • Regular coverage on import/export statistical data
  • Global information on process of LNG project and pipeline situations
  • Forecast of JCC (Japan Crude Cocktail)
  • Detailed report on power, including spark spread
  • LNG related news
  • Freight rates, fixtures and supply/demand situaitons for spot vessels including floating storage regasification units (FSRU)
  • Price movements and their backgrounds for the natural gas markets such as Henry Hub, TTF and NBP
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