Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains how RIM Intelligence Co, or RIM, treats personal information on its Web site while committing to protecting the privacy of our users. We would like our users to carefully read the Policy and use our service only when agreeing on what we lay out here. Using our site therefore concludes your agreement on how we treat personal information under the Policy.

Confidentiality and security

We may ask our users to register on-line the minimum amount of personal information that is necessary to our providing information and services. That requires agreement of our users. We would not use personal information that we could have access to on our Web site except for conducting our stated services.

Guarantee and limit to responsibility

It is our users that would be responsible for using our Web site. Rim would not take any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of information that our users acquire from third party sites linked to our site.

Changes to the privacy policy and their notice

Rim may make changes to the Policy without letting our users know in advance.


For further inquiries about our treatment of personal information at the Web site, contact us at