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Asian Viewpoints

China acrylonitrile market directions

In the China acrylonitrile (AN) market, market sentiments weakened due to perceptions of ample supply. Facilities that were previously undergoing maintenance are restarting. As profitability of AN makers recovered recently along with a fall in feedstock costs, makers are raising operation rates. Currently, operation rates of AN facilities are at about 71% on average. These are reasons for ample supply.


On the demand side, production capacity of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), that uses AN as a feedstock, increased sharply by 2023 and ABS prices were bearish. Since profitability was worsening, several ABS makers shut down their facilities or reduced production. Operation rates of ABS facilities until April were at about 55% on average. As a result, demand for feedstock AN is scarce.


Going forward, some ABS facilities are scheduled to enter maintenance from June onwards. But as it is the low demand season, supply/demand is not seen to be tight. In addition, feedstock costs are falling and there are no supporting factors for the market. Many players perceive that prices might soften in the future.

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